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Following a call for home-front pioneers, this Bahá'í family goes to live in a small town where accommodation is scarce and expensive.
Imagine their delight when they immediately find a basement apartment in a three story Victorian style house, at a very good price.
What they don't know is the apartment has a reputation for being haunted and no-body stays there longer than a week. Naturally, the estate agent didn't tell them. The towns folk all expect them to pack up and leave in a day or so.
A week passes, the kids go to school, the dad is seen leaving for work each day, the mum goes to the grocery store regularly. Not a sign of worry or stress on any of their faces. Finally, a neighbour just has to ask: "Don't you folks know that place is haunted? Doesn't it bother you?" "Sure," they say, "but we're Bahá’ís." "What does that have to do with not being worried by a ghost?" "Well," they say, "Bahá'u'lláh says:
'Fear not abasement' "


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